Learning the Language of the Quran

This is a new long-term series that will focus on learning to understand the Arabic language of the Quran. The idea is to get people to get closer to the Quran by appreciating the language and be able to understand as you read it especially in the prayers. That requires much more than just using an English translation, it requires learning the vocabulary and the grammar, and at the same time, learning the insights from the Quran.

We have a WhatsApp group anyone can join "Understanding Quran Arabic". Send your name and phone number to nhassan@ictpmn.org or info@ictpmn.org to be added to the group.




Lesson 2: Basics of the language and naming in Arabic
Revision on correct Arabic pronunciations, basics and starting on the Ism
Lesson 2 Naming Things.docx
Microsoft Word document [31.1 KB]
Lesson 3 More on harf, ism and how to use the Arabic dictionary
Lesson 3 Using the Arabic Dictionary.doc[...]
Microsoft Word document [20.7 KB]
Lesson 4 Introduction to Verbs.docx
Microsoft Word document [44.4 KB]
Lesson 5 and 6 Putting Together the Sent[...]
Microsoft Word document [26.8 KB]

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